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VLC media player 0.9 introduces a new interface based on the Qt toolkit.

Some of you, using GNOME or Xfce, seem reticent to that change, but let us explain a few things:

VLC media player interface is a PLUGIN

  • You can use VLC in command line, with the http interface, or even the old wx interface, that you can compile.

VLC media player DOES NOT DEPEND on kdelibs

VLC media player Qt module needs:

  • libQtCore,
  • libQtGui,
  • libvlc

That's it.

How to have a Native look of VLC using Qt inside GTK environnement

You can use trolltech's QGtkStyle project to get a native GTK look. See http://labs.trolltech.com/page/Projects/Styles/GtkStyle for more information.