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Main interface


Controller Icons

  • Playback:
    • Play / Pause / Stop / Next / Previous
    • Faster / Slower (not urgent, unused at the time)
  • Volume Control:
    • Sound (and sound muted if clicked)
  • Open
    • Open File
    • Open URL
    • Open Disc
  • Other:
    • Playlist
    • Open extended GUI / Equalizer ( 1 ? 2 ?)
    • FullScreen (not urgent, unused at the time)
  • Playlist :
    • Add file
    • Add Folder
    • Shuffle
    • Repeat One / Repeat All / Search
  • Playlist item types
    • File
    • Folder/Node
    • Playlist
    • Network stream
    • Disc
    • Acquisition card

Size is up to you to decide as long as it doesn't look too big (or too small) ...

Prefs Icons

Approx size: 50x50 pixels for Simple prefs ( sprefs_1.png ) 25x25 pixels for normal prefs (like what we have in current wxWidgets)

Icons needed:

  • "Video"
  • "Audio"
  • "Input and Codecs"
  • "Playlist"
  • "Interface"
  • "Subtitles"

Input manager

  • Disc frame management *


  • Finish Popup handling **

Info dialog

  • Implement the notebook *
  • Meta information panel * User:j-b
  • Advanced info panel * User:j-b

Open dialog

  • Generic stuff **
  • File tab **
  • Disc tab **
  • Network tab **
  • Autogenerated tabs ***





Some current issues being worked on or looked into.. latest reference svn-16791.


  • Add a file to the playlist, drag and drop to the left panel on Playlist or Media library icon, double click on that icon (that will exapnd it and show the element just added), double click on the element -> CRASH
  • File, Open playlist, Operations, Add to current playlist or Media library, File, select one, OK -> CRASH
  • Tools, Interface, Console (problem only applies to this option), File open file, play, close with X -> continues playing (while the vout is destroyed, audio goes on) until the Console window is "selected", then the clip really "quits".
  • Height consistency on Tools, Preferences, "Basic". The Video, Audio etc. option text consists of about 4 lines height. On "All", the Advanced is only one line, while the expanded options like CPU features, Filters etc. are 2 lines again.
  • File, Quick Open file -> lot of empty space on all the menu options on left side (seems reserved for options that can have a selected option but that is not the case for many menu options)
  • File location of playing item in Windows shows forward instead of backslash (also in playlist items) -- Hum ? Looks like a core issue ? User:Zorglub -- CRASH issue when opening a 2nd file. main debug: adding item <garbage>. Does not happen in WX. When media files are in the default folder (Application Data?) then no problems occur since no path needs to be selected. Also qt4 in gdb refuses to open a file User:Trax

Unreproducible (in linux):

  • Preferences, All, Audio, Filters, select Headphone then Equalizer, the show settings (to select Basic or All) and the whole left section suddenly becomes very wide/stretched. Same goes for selecting Filters, parametric equalizer right away.
  • Interface, Main Interface, Skins, 2 entries of enable transparency effects
  • Window size is a lot larger than WX (it's already smaller since recent commits. Is this still an issue?)

Missing stuff:

  • Press play makes the icon disappear, no pause icon
  • Playlist icon is the same as the "mute/no audio" button -- Yes, no icon designed :) User:Zorglub
  • Start VLC, click on play button, nothing happens. Old behaviour was that File, Open File starts.
  • Rightclick on item in playlist: 600 700 Object::connect: No such slot PLModel::popupPreparse() Object::connect: No such slot PLModel::popupInfo() (this was a previous crash issue) -- Incomplete popup support User:Zorglub
  • File, Open .. think there should be a "All media types, or all supported types" listed which is default. (Also some File type listings have a space in front of them).

No fix possible or invalid:

  • Audio, Visualisation, Goom -> CRASH . Not Qt4 bug
  • Video, Zoom, doesn't have a (default) value selected -- Same in WX, there is no "default" value for this, it would become invalid as soon as you resize User:Zorglub
  • Audio volume slider "doesn't go where you click" (while the video slider does. Is this still an issue? sliders in preferences don't do this either). I considered this as better for "normal" sliders. It can be changed easily. What do you think ? User:Zorglub Should be left as is IMO Dionoea


  • Preferences doesn't have an apply or save all yet either
  • Tools, Preferences, "All", select the Advanced tickbox -> CRASH. Seems to happen when no item is selected yet at the options.
  • "No suitable decoder.." too small popup boxes without any cancel buttons or additional information -- Interaction support is far from complete User:Zorglub
  • Mouse click/location in Messages window is treated as new insertion/start point for following debug messages
  • Quick Open, "All files" -> doesn't show -any- files
  • Location and name/duration first character slightly overlaps border/rectangle. Shift one to the right?
  • Tools, Preferences, doesn't show "All" but "Basic" by default
  • Video, Zoom, CRASH
  • Tools, Preferences, CRASH (incl. the Advanced option in "All" mode)
  • Selection in menu doesn't work:
    • Video, Fullscreen is always "selected" but in fact shows normal video. Functional but select icon doesn't follow status properly
    • Video, Always on top is always "selected" but not functional
    • Video, Deinterlace modes are not "selected" but are functional
    • Video, Aspect ratio modes are not "selected" but are functional
    • Audio Track, Device, Channels and Visualizations: no default "selected"/shown
  • No VLC icon in titlebar and in taskbar (also not when Preferences, Stream info window etc. open seperately)
  • Rightclick in playlist, CRASH
  • Tools, "Preferences" or "Messages" window opened will not be destroyed when main player is closed.
  • Tools, Information doesn't have a close button.
  • Tools, Extended (GUI) -> CRASH. This will happen when no clip has been played yet (so at least on startup).