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==Small size==
==Small size==
* eject button ''open dialog''
* eject button ''open dialog''

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Small size

  • eject button open dialog
eject_white.png or eject_dark.png (smaller: eject_smaller.png)
  • update button extended dialog
update.png update2.png
  • down arrow open dialog
arrow_down_light.png arrow_down_dark.png arrow_down_blue.png arrow_down_green.png arrow_down_red.png arrow_down_orange.png arrow_down_yellow.png
  • fullscreen button main interface
fullscreen.png fullscreen_apple.png fullscreen_3.png
  • playlist button main interface
playlist.png (smaller: playlist_even_smaller.png) or playlist_light.png
  • extended button main interface
extended_light.png or extended_dark.png or extended2_light.png
  • A to B main interface
atob_old.png or atob.png or atob2.png
  • snapshot main interface
  • clear playlist search
  • down arrow playlist
see down arrow open dialog
  • DVD next main interface
  • DVD previous main interface
  • DVD menu main interface
dvd_menu.png or dvd_menu2.png

Bigger size

Main interface buttons !

Normal state


Hovered or clicked or focused