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Python bindings

You can find two versions of python bindings: an old one (see Old Python bindings), hand-written C-module, and a new one, which is ctypes-based and automatically generated. The old version of the bindings is now deprecated and will be removed in some future version.


The new module features :

  • a complete cover of the libvlc/MediaControl API, since it is automatically generated from the include files.
  • no compilation hassle: the generated module is pure python.
  • no versioning hassle: the same module works with multiple VLC versions.
  • a complete documentation.


You can download the module from the Advene website. It only depends on ctypes (standard module in python >= 2.5). Put the module in some place accessible by python (either next to your application, or in a directory from sys.path).

Alternatively, you can generate it by yourself using the program and accompanying files in the vlc source tree (see [1]).


The module is also a runnable example player application (see code at the end of the module, starting from the line "if __name__ == '__main__'). A helper module [2] provides a pygtk VLCWidget() to ease integration.