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VLC media player Mobile Features

Feature iOS Android Windows Phone (+WinRT) Remarks
Video List Yes Yes Yes Thumbnail + Title + Time + Resume
Group TV Shows Yes Yes Yes
Info Panel No Yes No
Correct video player Yes Yes Yes See design page
Hardware acceleration No Yes No
Video filters Yes No No
Deinterlace Yes No No
Playback speed Yes Yes Yes
audio / spu sync Yes No No
Chapters No No No
Subtitles limited limited No SRT/ASS/CC/TeleTeXT
Search Yes Yes Yes
Network Panel Yes No No Android / WinRT have only the Open URL
Audio List limited Yes Yes
Audio Metadata Fetch limited limited Yes
Audio Equalizer No Yes No
Playlists Yes A/V No Yes A
WiFi upload Yes No No
WiFi download Yes No No
FTP Yes No No
Cloud Yes No No
App protection Yes No No
Folder protection No No No
UPnP discovery & playback Yes No No
Directories N/A Yes Yes