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Those are the VLC media player mobile recommendations for the video player interface.


  • single-tap => display the UI
  • double-finger tap => play/pause
  • swipe left/right => seek
  • swipe up/down => volume on right side, brightness on left side
    • double-finger swipe => so far nothing, could be longer seek

Hardware buttons

Control of the volume of media or the application

Buttons / Controls

Left upper corner

  • Stop/quit button

Controller at the bottom middle

This must be semi-transparent, (with blur on iOS).

In order of importance:

  • Widest Seek Slider as possible, with time indicators (recommended on both sides) (except iOS, where this is at the top)
  • Play/Pause button
  • Lock button (rotation + touch)
  • Access to Audio/Subtitles tracks selector HUD
    • Including addition of subtitles if it makes sense (WP)
  • Aspect Ratio Button (Pan/Scan)
  • Access to extra panel for extra features
  • OPTIONAL Next/Previous button if video playlist
  • OPTIONAL DVD menu button? (rare, missing libVLC)

Extra Panels

  • Speed selector
  • Sync Audio Video Subtitles tracks
  • Video filters
  • EQ or other audio filters
  • Chapters selection
  • Snapshot ??
  • Access to prefs? Like for subtitles look control?