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Our mirrors are kindly operated by sponsors, you can find the complete list here. If you would like to provide a mirror to the VideoLAN project please read the following sections.


  • A public mirror available in HTTP
  • About 30 GB of disk space at this time
  • At least 1 Gbps connectivity
  • At least 4 rsync per day (more is better!)
  • Either rsync or FTP access to scan the actual state of the mirror

Setting up a mirror

The first step is to clone the rsync repository using the following command:
rsync --verbose --recursive --times --links --hard-links --perms --stats --delete-after --timeout=300 rsync://rsync.videolan.org/videolan-ftp /path/to/repository/destination

Edit your crontab (crontab -e) to sync the cron every hour:
31 * * * * sleep $(($RANDOM/1024)); rsync --verbose --recursive --times --links --hard-links --perms --stats --delete-after --timeout=300 rsync://rsync.videolan.org/videolan-ftp /path/to/repository/destination

Setup a web server to serve the repository preferably with nginx or Apache.

Finally setup a read-only rsync daemon using a similar configuration:

    path = /path/to/repository/destination
    comment = VideoLAN repository
    uid = nobody
    gid = nogroup
    read only = yes

NOTE: if you're using a CDN in front of the repository be sure to clear the cache at least once a day!

Contact us

Once your mirror is setup, please contact us and be sure to send:

  • A name and contact email address
  • HTTP, FTP (if applicable) and rsync URLs to the file tree on your server
  • The name, URL and logo of the operator / organization / sponsor you represent (preferably in 137x54)

After reviewing your application your mirror will be added to our load-balancer.