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A media resource locator (MRL) is a string of characters used to identify a multimedia resource or part of a multimedia resource. A MRL may be used to identify inputs or outputs to VLC media player.

The MRL syntax is:

[[access][/demux]://]URL[@[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value ...]
MRL section Description Possible values
access How to obtain the media data

cdda: CD Digital Audio
dir: Filesystem-based directory
dv: Digital Video/FireWire
file: Filesystem-based file
ftp: FTP
gnomevfs: GnomeVFS
http: HTTP
mms: Microsoft Media Server
pvr: PVR
rtp: RTP
rtsp: RTSP
smb: Server Message Block
tcp: TCP
udp: UDP
vcdx: Video CD

demux The format of the source data

a52sys/Raw A/52 demuxer
aiff/AIFF demuxer
asf/ASF v1.0 demuxer
au/AU demuxer
avi/AVI demuxer
demuxdump/File dumpper
dtssys/Raw DTS demuxer
flac/FLAC demuxer
h264/H264 video demuxer
m3u/Playlist metademux
m4a/MPEG-4 audio demuxer
m4v/MPEG-4 video demuxer
mjpeg/M-JPEG camera demuxer
mp4/MP4 stream demuxer
mpga/MPEG audio / MP3 demuxer
mpgv/MPEG-I/II video demuxer
nsc/Windows Media NSC metademux
nsv/NullSoft demuxer
nuv/Nuv demuxer
ogg/OGG demuxer
playlist/B4S playlist import
playlist/DVB playlist import
playlist/M3U playlist import
playlist/New winamp 5.2 shoutcast import
playlist/PLS playlist import
playlist/Podcast parser
playlist/XSPF playlist import
ps/MPEG-PS demuxer
ps/MPEG-PS demuxer
pva/PVA demuxer
rawdv/DV (Digital Video) demuxer
real/Real demuxer
sgimb/Kasenna MediaBase parser
subtitle/Text subtitles parser
tta/TTA demuxer
ty/TY Stream audio/video demux
vobsub/Vobsub subtitles parser
voc/VOC demuxer
wav/WAV demuxer
xa/XA demuxer

URL The URI of the source See
title Which title to select for input Positive integer
chapter Which chapter to select for input Positive integer
option Options to apply only to the specified MRL See VLC command-line help for a full list