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| See [[VLC command-line help]] for a full list
| See [[VLC command-line help]] for a full list

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A media resource locator (MRL) is a string of characters used to identify a multimedia resource or part of a multimedia resource. A MRL may be used to identify inputs or outputs to VLC media player.

The MRL syntax is:

[[access][/demux]://]URL[@[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value ...]
MRL section Description Possible values
access How to obtain the media data

cdda: CD Digital Audio
dir: Filesystem-based directory
dv: Digital Video/FireWire
file: Filesystem-based file
ftp: FTP
gnomevfs: GnomeVFS
http: HTTP
mms: Microsoft Media Server
pvr: PVR
rtp: RTP
rtsp: RTSP
smb: Server Message Block
tcp: TCP
udp: UDP
vcdx: Video CD

demux The format of the source data

a52sys/Raw A/52 demuxer
aiff/AIFF demuxer
asf/ASF v1.0 demuxer
au/AU demuxer
avi/AVI demuxer
demuxdump/File dumpper
dtssys/Raw DTS demuxer
flac/FLAC demuxer
h264/H264 video demuxer
m3u/Playlist metademux
m4a/MPEG-4 audio demuxer
m4v/MPEG-4 video demuxer
mjpeg/M-JPEG camera demuxer
mp4/MP4 stream demuxer
mpga/MPEG audio / MP3 demuxer
mpgv/MPEG-I/II video demuxer
nsc/Windows Media NSC metademux
nsv/NullSoft demuxer
nuv/Nuv demuxer
ogg/OGG demuxer
playlist/B4S playlist import
playlist/DVB playlist import
playlist/M3U playlist import
playlist/New winamp 5.2 shoutcast import
playlist/PLS playlist import
playlist/Podcast parser
playlist/XSPF playlist import
ps/MPEG-PS demuxer
ps/MPEG-PS demuxer
pva/PVA demuxer
rawdv/DV (Digital Video) demuxer
real/Real demuxer
sgimb/Kasenna MediaBase parser
subtitle/Text subtitles parser
tta/TTA demuxer
ty/TY Stream audio/video demux
vobsub/Vobsub subtitles parser
voc/VOC demuxer
wav/WAV demuxer
xa/XA demuxer

URL The URI of the source See http://www.w3.org/TR/uri-clarification/
title Which title to select for input Positive integer
chapter Which chapter to select for input Positive integer
option Options to apply only to the specified MRL See VLC command-line help for a full list