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* [[Notes about other clients]] (Interoperability)  
* [[Notes about other clients]] (Interoperability)  
==General documentation==
* [[Knowledge Base]] project
* [[Knowledge Base]] project

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The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a documentation that does not cover the whole streaming solution, but provides answers to problems that the users frequently have.

Learn more about the VideoLAN project and what it is used for.

You will find many different things here

  • The Wiki itself, a set of pages that you can modify, to add your own tips, documentation.
  • The articles : these are moderated. You can submit one but a moderator will have to approve it. They might for example explain in detail a particular point of VLC or how to set up a streaming installation.
  • The FAQs. They complete the "official" FAQ with more platform-specific or usage-specific information.

Find out who uses VideoLAN

Please note that to modify the content of the Wiki, or to submit articles or FAQ questions, you need to be identified. Please create an account, this is very fast. Feel free to add to this site, however, keep content appropriate and useful. This is not the place to report bugs or to request help. See our info on bug reporting.

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VideoLAN Streaming solution

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