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VLC's Mac OS X interface is designed quite similar to the interfaces of other ports. At present, almost all features available in the WxWindows-interface can be used in the Mac OS X one as well. Only an advanced interface does not exist at the moment, but will probably be added later on. Skins aren't supported in this port too. That's hopefully going to change after the 0.8.2 release.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find most of the keyboard shortcuts by taking a look at the menus. Additional hotkeys are defined in the section "Hotkeys" of your VLC preferences.

Some handy key combo's are:

  • You can use the spacebar to start/pause the video.
  • When in fullscreen you can use the escape key to exit the fullscreen state
  • When you are watching a DVD and the video window is the frontmost window you can use the arrow keys and the enter key to navigate the DVD menus.

Problems Running Some MPEG and AVI Files

Occasionally you will come across a file that gives the following error in VLC:

no suitable decoder module for fourcc `undf'.

VLC probably does not support this sound or video format.

Users may find that movies giving this error may play the video track only. This error can appear because VLC 0.8.1 does not yet support the "Voxware Metasound" audio codec. If you look at the error log, and find "Voxware Metasound" in one of the error lines, then the video you are trying to play has this problem.

It appears that, as of February 2005, if a Mac user also wants to play the sound track of such a movie, Windows Media Player 7.1 needs to be used, which means running classic. Later versions (at least WMP 9) removed support for all formats and codecs that are not Windows Media, which included removal of AVI and MPEG support.

Neither VLC, Windows Media Player 9, MPlayer, nor apparently any other movie player for the Mac supports the "Voxware Metasound" codec on Mac OS X.

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