LibVLC Media List Management

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Global Description of the available objects

The atomic item that represent a media that you can play is a media_descriptor in LibVLC.

A media_list is an object that contains several media_descriptor.

A media_list_view is an object that provide a way to see/browse a media_list. There are currently two kind of media_list_view:

  • a flat media list view
  • a hierarchical media list view

You can play a media_list using a media_list_player.

A media descriptor can contain a media list

A playlist downloaded from Google video has a corresponding media_descriptor. This media_descriptor has several subitems. You can access them through libvlc_media_descriptor_subitems() which returns a media_list.

This explains how a media_list can be hierarchical. To browse it you'll use libvlc_media_list_hierarchy_view(). To view the all the item without hierarchy use libvlc_media_list_flat_view().