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== Sample Code ==
== Sample Code ==
* [[LibVLC_SampleCode_Thumbnailer|Generate thumbnails using LibVLC]]
* [[LibVLC_SampleCode_Thumbnailer|Generate thumbnails using LibVLC]]
* [[LibVLC_SampleCode_SDL|Use LibVLC in an SDL application]]
== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==

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You can embed libVLC into your application to gain audio/video playing features.


Here are three different tutorials on libVLC:

Sample Code


  • The documentation on the external API is here: ExternalAPI

This applies to current trunk version:

  • On Mac OS X there you can use libvlc through some Objective-C class using the Mac OS X Framework.
  • Currently it exists Java, Python and .NET bindings around LibVLC.
  • LibVLC Memory Management explained. It covers the basics on the _new(), _retain(), _release().
  • LibVLC Media List Management explained. It covers the basics on how to set up a list of media or a playlist.