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: Hardware that works with VLC/VLS.
: Hardware that works with VLC/VLS.

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This page is the starting point for the VideoLAN Knowledge Base. Its goal is to document as much information about codecs, fileformats, protocols etc. Although mainly consisting of technical information, it is intended to be easily understandible by all users. It is something like a dictionary or a encyclopedia on video/audio streaming/playing. We can then link to these definitions from our user documentation and stuff.

Mike Melanson and Diego Biurrun from the FFmpeg project also started the MultimediaWiki where you can find tons of information about multimedia technology, and mostly about codecs.

About audio and video formats, like DivX and AC2
About different file types, like .avi and .mpg
How data is sent from one place to another
Look up VideoLAN related words and concepts
Other Multimedia Software
Software companies related (or not related) to VideoLAN
Related web links
VLS, VLC and server software and hardware
3rd party projects related to VideoLAN
About VideoLAN
Different ways to display output
Different ways to control VLC
How to get DRM-free music.
Hardware that works with VLC/VLS.