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At the moment the JVLC project is dead, as there is no maintainer for it. At the moment the VLCJ project is active, please look there instead.


VLCJ are Java bindings for VLC. It is managed as an external project at: There is an active thread on the subject at:


The information below pertains to the no longer maintained JVLC project.

For a complete overview about Java binding in VideoLAN goto to the JVLC homepage.

Source code

Find the source code at


We use Maven2 as the project management tool.

Take a look at the website to download and for general instructions on how to use it.

To compile the project, run from the bindings/java folder:

mvn install

Tips and tricks

Eclipse integration

To import the JVLC project into the eclipse IDE:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

and then import as an existing Java project.


Is the samples directory with a simple client.

A simple VLC client

Display multiple videos

A comprehensive JVLC example


For the use of Java binding under OSGi go to the VLC4OSGi Homepage