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Reference :

The goal is to implement a system to:

  • Alert the user of critical errors (cannot play file). Should be blocking.
  • Ask the user a question
    • Are you sure?
    • Try to Fix index of avi?
    • Overwrite File ?
  • Inform the user, without disturbing him. (Buffering stream). This might require a displaytime or something. Because how do we know how long this information should be displayed? Also think of buffering 0-100%
  • present a user/passwd dialog when we get an authentication failure on a stream.


Scheduled for implementation in 0.8.5

Some work will have to be done in all interfaces

Objects architecture

  • Interaction object
    • void * pointer for interface specific stuff
  • Widget object
    • for input, associated with a vlc_value_t
  • Interaction manager
    • Maintains a list of currently active interaction displays
    • When a new interaction is requested, forward the request to the interface (ASYNCHRONOUS !)
    • Asks the interface to show/modify/remove a display
    • Active polling ?
  • Signalling the interface :
    • function pointer
      • easier to know if interface does not support
    • variable
      • cleaner ?
    • "control" function
  • Requester
    • Builds the interaction object
    • Add it to the interaction manager request queue.
      • Queue or single with lock ?
      • Analyze deadlock possibility