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'''iTunes''' is a [[media player]] created by [[Apple]] for [[Mac OS]], [[OS X]] and [[Windows]] (2000/XP). iTunes has the ability to connect with an [[iPod]].
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iTunes also connects to [http://www.apple.com/store/ Apple Store]. Like almost all music bought online, this music is protected by [[DRM]] (in this case [[FairPlay]])
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iTunes can also share music over a local network using the [[wikipedia:Bonjour (protocol)|Bonjour]] protocol.
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Currently, VLC does not support sharing of music with Bonjour.
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* [[Apple]]
* [[Songbird]]
* [[Special:Whatlinkshere/ITunes|What Links Here]]
* [[wikipedia:iTunes|Wikipedia]]
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==External Links==
* [http://www.apple.com/iTunes/ The Apple.com Website]
* [http://www.oldapps.com/itunes.htm The Old Version of iTunes]
* [http://www.george.hotelling.net/90percent/digital_music/features_lost_in_itunes_upgrades.php Features lost in iTunes upgrades]

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iTunes is a media player created by Apple for Mac OS, OS X and Windows (2000/XP). iTunes has the ability to connect with an iPod.

iTunes also connects to Apple Store. Like almost all music bought online, this music is protected by DRM (in this case FairPlay)

iTunes can also share music over a local network using the Bonjour protocol.


Currently, VLC does not support sharing of music with Bonjour.

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