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== Development environment ==
== Development environment ==

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Development environment

To develop VLC for iOS, you need:

  • Mac OS X Lion (or later)
  • Latest XCode version (4.6.3 works so far)
  • A correct shell (we recommend iTerm2 and zsh)
  • CocoaPods (for dependency management)

Get the source

If you want to develop VLC for iOS, it is highly recommended that you use the git version:

git clone git://git.videolan.org/vlc-ports/ios.git

Build it

Build it for the simulator.

sh compileVLCforiOS.sh -s

Wait, and grab a coffee.

Manually assign the code sign in Xcode, and build it for devices.

sh compileVLCforiOS.sh

Grab a second coffee. :)


Open the project in Xcode and click on Run.

If you want to run in the simulator after running compileVLCforiOS.sh without the -s option, you need to run it again with the -s option, and vice versa.

Send patches

You can create patches and send them to our mailing list ios@v.o, or on our IRC.

Please see Git#Submitting_patches on how to send patches...


If everything goes well, congratulations to Lucky You! If not, please report any problem to our mailing list ios@v.o, or on our IRC.

This might help you more than Google, because any lately committing might cause compiling errors(at least these days), although the latest git is supposed to be an all time stable one.


The first version of this howto was written by jb on 18 July 2013.

Last edited by leoujzwiki on 12 Oct 2013.

Previous Version

The old version of the app can be compiled using this howto.