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== VLCjs javascript library ==
I've created this small javascript library to allows you to easyly add the VLC plugin in your web pages.
Here's how you add the control to your page :
* first, download the [http://code.revolunet.com/VLCjs/VLSjs.zip source zip] and extract it to your website (i suppose you create a VLCjs subfolder)
* then, create a simple html test page like this on your server :
<script language="javascript" src="VLCjs/VLCjs.js"></script>
<object id="myplayer" classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921" codebase="http://downloads.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/latest/win32/axvlc.cab"></object>
<script language="javascript">
        window.onload = function() {
            var vlc = new VLCplayer("myplayer", 400, 300);
this should create a player object and launch a movie ;)
* You can find a demo here : http://vlc.revolunet.com (some demo medias specially for french free.fr users)
* check out the docs here : http://code.revolunet.com/VLCjs/EN
Any comments are welcome to improve this lib !!
It works on IE/Firefox and maybe Safari but i cannot test it

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