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Here are ways to help VideoLAN project.



If you are a programmer, you can help us by integrating the project:

  • New features
  • Features improvement
  • Bug Tracking
  • Code cleaning
  • Porting to a new platform

If don't feel taking such huge task, we suggest you to look at our Code Janitorial project page.

If you don't feel comfortable working on code but are a native speaker of the English language, look at Strings Review.

Also take a look at our Mini Projects Page.

Maintainer / Packager

If you know how to package for your special distribution/OS, please do so. Help us port VLC media player to as many platforms as possible.


If you know the software, update the documentation, the wiki, create How_To, answer on the forum.

Help us give the best support to everyone.


You can help with your design skills by :

  • Repairing and updating the websites
  • Create new skins
  • Create new icons, screenshots, etc... See the design page


You can test and report bugs. You can enter the quality team.

Promote VLC

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