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Hello, welcome to the VideoLAN Wiki Site!

The aim of this site is to create a site to help document the VideoLAN software, a free and open source media player and streaming solution. This site is a mixture of glossary, frequently asked questions and general help.

Finding what you Want to Know

If you're looking for help about a specific feature, you can search for it using the search box on the left of every page. More on Searching

Otherwise, a good place to start is the Main Page, which lists all the main parts of the site.

What's a Wiki Site?

A wiki site is a site which anyone can edit – in fact, we'd like to encourage you to edit pages to make them even better! It works in a similar way to Wikipedia.

VideoLAN uses the same software that Wikipedia uses, MediaWiki. More information on what wiki is on the WikiMedia site.

Adding to VideoLAN Wiki

VideoLAN Wiki requires that you use an account when editing pages, but it's very easy to log in or register.

When you've logged in you can edit most pages by clicking the Edit tab on the top of the page. Some pages, like this one, don't allow you to edit it. This is mainly because they are a target for spam. If you want to edit them, you will need to ask an Admin (list of admins).

Adding to VideoLAN is easy – search for the page you want to add (to make sure it doesn't exist), then click on the "this exact title" link in the first paragraph.

Wiki Formatting

When you're editing a page, adding plain text is simple, as you can just type it in. However, if you want to add special formatting – like making text bold – you can also do so. WikiMedia has a page to help you with this: Help with the Wiki formatting

There are also some Templates you can use, for example typing {{wikipedia|Media Player}} will add a box on the right of the page linking to Wikipedia's page on Media Player. More on Templates

See Also

See also Wikipedia's Help Pages