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This page lists the directories in the source tree of VLC, aimed at giving new beginners an overview of the code. Because VLC has evolved with not so much accumulation in mind, when a new coder looks at the code, s/he is terrified by the abundance of directories. This page is prepared to remedy that situation.

The directories are listed in alphabetical order, with an overview of their contents on the right.

Directory Name Directory Explanation
activex activex bindings
bindings Java and Python bindings
doc Documentation (not up-to-date)
evc Deprecated, embedded Visual Studio files.
extras - contrib (subdirectory of extras) - for required libraries (contains Makefiles to automatically download and compile (or cross-compile) and patch those. Please first attempt to get the development headers precompiled for your distribution.

extras also contains the emacs.init file (useful for coding in Videolan style)

include Header files for vlc
ipkg A package distribution system used by some Linux disrtibutions. This probably contains definition files for the packages.
libs Containts the loader (win32 dmo codec loading on Linux) and a SRTP library
lxdialog FIX ME! I guess this is not important, last modified 1 year ago!
m4 Macro files needed for automake and autoconf
modules The most important directory with src/. See Modules source tree.
mozilla Mozilla plugin
msvc Deprecated, Microsoft Visual C files I guess
po i18n files
python Probably related to the Python bindings
share icons, scripts to make VLC the default player etc.
src The most important directory with modules/. See src source tree
test scripts to see if everything is OK