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Getting VLC source code via Git

git clone git://

You can also browse the source via gitweb.

Prepare a local branch to work on

$ git branch master

List the local branch

You can now list your local branch by doing

$ git branch

which should ouput

$ git branch
* master


Now you can start to work on your tree. As soon as you feel you've reached a step in developement you can commit locally your work by

$ git commit -a


$ git commit <specific files>

Keeping your local working branch in sync

$ git fetch origin
$ git rebase origin

voilà! Your commit will be re-applied on top of the origin (the svn trunk).

Creating a secondary local branch

If you want to work on a specific project that could require a branch of the trunk

$ git branch mywork

to actually use it

$ git checkout mywork

Then do some commit on it

$ git checkout master

to go back to your normal branch

Documentation about git