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Getting VLC source code via Git

git clone git://

You can also browse the source via gitweb.

Prepare a local branch to work on

git branch master

List the local branch

You can now list your local branch by doing

git branch

which should ouput

* master


Now you can start to work on your tree. As soon as you feel you've reached a step in developement you can commit localy your work by

git commit -a


git commit <specific files>

Keeping your local working branch in sync

git fetch origin
git rebase origin

voilà! Your commit will be re-applied on top of the origin (the svn trunk).

Creating a secondary local branch

If you want to work on a specific project that could require a branch of the trunk

git branch mywork

to actually use it

git checkout mywork

Then do some commit on it

git checkout master

to go back to your normal branch

Documentation about git