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Streaming a live video to DSS for Mobile Phones with VLC

% vlc -vvv v4l2:///dev/video0:input=1:width=128:height=96:adev=hw.1,0:samplerate=32000 --sout '#transcode{venc=ffmpeg{keyint=1},vcodec=mp4v,vb=100k,acodec=mp4a,fps=10,ab=8k,channels=1,samplerate=16000}:rtp{mp4a-latm,dst=,port-audio=20000,port-video=20002,ttl=127,name=CHANNEL,sdp=file:///usr/local/movies/channel.sdp}'


  • v4l2:///dev/video0 is the video device you want you want to stream,
  • input=1 is the input channel of the video device (0 - tv tuner, 1 - composite),
  • width=128:height=96 is the width and height of the input video signal to fetch by VLC,
  • adev=hw.1,0 is the alsa audio device to capture audio from,
  • samplerate=32000 is the input sample rate of the audio live feed,
  • venc=ffmpeg is the encoder used (in this case it's ffmpeg, but you can use x264),
  • {keyint=1} is the advanced ffmpeg encoder switches,
  • vcodec=mp4v is video codec used to encode this live video feed (in this case it's MPEG4),
  • vb=100k is the video bitrate (100 kbits/s is this case),
  • acodec=mp4a is the audio codec used (is this case it's AAC),
  • fps=10 is the frame rate of the video feed,
  • ab=8k is the audio bitrate (is this case 8 kbits/s),
  • mp4a-latm is only used for aac audio, it activates a different payload format for aac,
  • dst= is the destination IP, where Darwin Streaming Server is hosted,
  • ttl=127 is the value of the TTL (Time To Live) of your IP packets (which means that the stream will be able to cross 126 routers),
  • sdp=file:///usr/local/movies/channel.sdp is where to create the SDP file for live streaming with Darwin Streaming Server (it should be inside of the DSS movies folder),
  • name=CHANNEL is the name of the live video feed.

Tested on Nokia N73 and SE K800.

There is a small problem with some Nokia phones and Darwin Streaming Servers, that need a line to be edited in the created SDP file (for example):

  • from b=RR:0 to b=RR:800

After running this command from console, you can access it from your mobile phone or VLC or any player that supports RTSP protocol

  • rtsp://


  • is the IP address of the machine where DSS is running.

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