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== Source code ==
== Source code ==
* {{VLCSourceFile|modules/visualization/visual.c}}
* {{VLCSourceFile|modules/visualization/visual/visual.c}}
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{{Documentation footer}}

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Module: visual
Type Visualization
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Visualizer filter
Shortcut(s) -

For the option --effect-fft-window the values for window_list originate from modules/visualization/window_presets.h.

The code claims --spect-color must be within 1 ≤ x ≤ 127 but no checks seem to be performed.

The options --visual-nbbands, --visual-separ, --visual-amp and --spect-nbbands have been obsolete since VLC 1.0.0.

This module has a single shortcut: visualizer (specifically with a z).


  • effects-list <string> {dummy,scope,spectrum,spectrometer,vuMeter} : A list of visual effect, separated by commas default value: spectrum
  • effects-width <integer> : The width of the effects video window, in pixels default value: 800
  • effects-height <integer> : The height of the effects video window, in pixels default value: 500
  • effect-fft-window <string> {none,hann,flattop,blackmanharris,kaiser} : The type of FFT window to use for spectrum-based visualizations. Values correspond to "None", "Hann", "Flat Top", "Blackman-Harris", "Kaiser" default value: flat
  • effect-kaiser-param <float> : The parameter alpha for the Kaiser window. Increasing alpha increases the main-lobe width and decreases the side-lobe amplitude default value: 3.0f

Spectrum analyser

  • visual-80-bands <boolean> : Show 80 bands instead of 20 default value: enabled
  • visual-peaks <boolean> : Draw peaks in the analyzer default value: enabled


  • spect-show-original <boolean> : Enable the "flat" spectrum analyzer in the spectrometer default value: disabled
  • spect-show-base <boolean> : Draw the base of the bands default value: enabled
  • spect-radius <integer> : Defines radius size in pixels, of base of bands (beginning) default value: 42
  • spect-sections <integer [1 .. INT_MAX]> : Determines how many sections of spectrum will exist default value: 3
  • spect-color <integer> : YUV-Color cube shifting across the V-plane ( 0 - 127 ) default value: 80
  • spect-show-bands <boolean> : Draw bands in the spectrometer default value: enabled
  • spect-80-bands <boolean> : Show 80 bands instead of 20 default value: enabled
  • spect-separ <integer> : Number of blank pixels between bands default value: 1
  • spect-amp <integer> : This is a coefficient that modifies the height of the bands default value: 8
  • spect-show-peaks <boolean> : Draw peaks in the analyzer default value: enabled
  • spect-peak-width <integer> : Additions or subtractions of pixels on the peak width default value: 61
  • spect-peak-height <integer> : Total pixel height of the peak items default value: 1


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Source code

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