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Revision as of 07:17, 14 March 2019 by DoesItReallyMatter (talk | contribs) (Options --ts-dump-file, --ts-dump-append and --ts-dump-size were removed in 2.1.x with the summary "There is a dump demux for that.")
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Module: ts
Type Access demux
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description MPEG-TS demuxer
Shortcut(s) -

The options ts-dump-file, ts-dump-append and ts-dump-size were removed in [31dee2cbaa16d16de94b5a1b36fe7f3909b8b28d] with the summary "There is a dump demux for that."

The options ts-out and ts-out-mtu have been deprecated since VLC 2.2.0. ts-silent is also deprecated.


  • ts-standard <string> auto,mpeg,dvb,arib,atsc,tdmb : Selects mode for digital TV standard. This feature affects EPG information and subtitles default value: auto
  • ts-extra-pmt <string> : Allows a user to specify an extra pmt (pmt_pid=pid:stream_type[,...]) default value: NULL
  • ts-trust-pcr <boolean> : Use the stream PCR as a reference default value: enabled
  • ts-es-id-pid <boolean> : Set the internal ID of each elementary stream handled by VLC to the same value as the PID in the TS stream, instead of 1, 2, 3, etc. Useful to do '#duplicate{..., select="es=<pid>"}' default value: enabled
  • ts-csa-ck <string> : CSA encryption key. This must be a 16 char string (8 hexadecimal bytes) default value: NULL
  • ts-csa2-ck <string> : The even CSA encryption key. This must be a 16 char string (8 hexadecimal bytes) default value: NULL
  • ts-csa-pkt <integer> : Specify the size of the TS packet to decrypt. The decryption routines subtract the TS-header from the value before decrypting default value: 188
  • ts-split-es <boolean> : Separate teletex/dvbs pages into independent ES. It can be useful to turn off this option when using stream output default value: enabled
  • ts-seek-percent <boolean> : Seek and position based on a percent byte position, not a PCR generated time position. If seeking doesn't work property, turn on this option default value: disabled
  • ts-cc-check <boolean> : Detect discontinuities and drop packet duplicates. (bluRay sources are known broken and have false positives) default value: enabled
  • ts-pmtfix-waitdata <boolean> : Only create ES on program sending data default value: enabled
  • ts-patfix <boolean> : Try to generate PAT/PMT if missing default value: enabled
  • ts-pcr-offsetfix <boolean> : Try to fix too early PCR (or late DTS) default value: enabled

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