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The services discovery module was removed. The Access output module is current.

Access output

Module: shout
Type Access output
First VLC version 0.8.4
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description This module forwards vorbis streams to an icecast server
Shortcut(s) -

This module has a shortcut of shout.

There is a comment at the start of the module code (4.0.0-dev):

 * Some Comments:
 * - this only works for ogg and/or mp3, and we don't check this yet.
 * - MP3 metadata is not passed along, since metadata is only available after
 *   this module is opened.
 * Typical usage:
 * vlc v4l:/dev/video:input=2:norm=pal:size=192x144 \
 * --sout '#transcode{vcodec=theora,vb=300,acodec=vorb,ab=96}\
 * :std{access=shout,mux=ogg,dst=localhost:8005}'

This comment precedes the genre option:

/* To be listed properly as a public stream on the Yellow Pages of shoutcast/icecast
   the genres should match those used on the corresponding sites. Several examples
   are Alternative, Classical, Comedy, Country etc. */

This comment precedes the stream information options:

/* The shout module only "transmits" data. It does not have direct access to
   "codec level" information. Stream information such as bitrate, samplerate,
   channel numbers and quality (in case of Ogg streaming) need to be set manually */


  • sout-shout-name <string> : Name to give to this stream/channel on the shoutcast/icecast server default value: "VLC media player - Live stream"
  • sout-shout-description <string> : Description of the stream content or information about your channel default value: "Live stream from VLC media player"
  • sout-shout-mp3 <boolean> : You normally have to feed the shoutcast module with Ogg streams. It is also possible to stream MP3 instead, so you can forward MP3 streams to the shoutcast/icecast server default value: disabled
  • sout-shout-genre <string> : Genre of the content default value: "Alternative"
  • sout-shout-url <string> : URL with information about the stream or your channel default value: ""
  • sout-shout-bitrate <string> : Bitrate information of the transcoded stream default value: ""
  • sout-shout-samplerate <string> : Samplerate information of the transcoded stream default value: ""
  • sout-shout-channels <string> : Number of channels information of the transcoded stream default value: ""
  • sout-shout-quality <string> : Ogg Vorbis Quality information of the transcoded stream default value: ""
  • sout-shout-public <boolean> : Make the server publicly available on the 'Yellow Pages' (directory listing of streams) on the icecast/shoutcast website. Requires the bitrate information specified for shoutcast. Requires Ogg streaming for icecast default value: disabled

Services discovery

Module: shout
Type Services discovery
First VLC version 0.8.2
Last VLC version 1.0.6
Operating system(s) all
Description Shoutcast services discovery module
Shortcut(s) -

This module had a shortcut of shoutcast and later an additional shortcut of shout. The three sub-modules had shortcuts of shoutcasttv, frenchtv and freebox.


None (--shoutcast-limit was deprecated with [acb5da732a27b6c7e8d6e05c2e183d4ae49a9ea9]).

Source code

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