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Module: pvr
Type Access
First VLC version -
Last VLC version 2.0.9
Operating system(s) Linux
Description IVTV MPEG Encoding cards input
Shortcut(s) pvr

This module was removed with commitdiff [fb1dcab36e7c3a49d49562334045e4f87980ac03].
The changelog for 2.1.0 notes under the section Removed modules:

 * PVR: IVTV analog TV encoder - use V4L instead


The module did not accept --pvr-frequency beyond the endpoints given by static const int pi_radio_range[2]: 65000 ≤ x ≤ 108000. This was not mentioned in the help text.

The variables in --pvr-norm are defined in modules/access/v4l2/linux/videodev2.h.

  • pvr-device <string> : PVR video device default value: "/dev/video0"
  • pvr-radio-device <string> : PVR radio device default value: "/dev/radio0"
  • pvr-norm <integer> {V4L2_STD_UNKNOWN,V4L2_STD_SECAM,V4L2_STD_PAL,V4L2_STD_NTSC} : Norm of the stream (Automatic, SECAM, PAL, or NTSC) default value: V4L2_STD_UNKNOWN
  • pvr-width <integer> : Width of the stream to capture (-1 for autodetection) default value: -1
  • pvr-height <integer> : Height of the stream to capture (-1 for autodetection) default value: -1
  • pvr-frequency <integer> : Frequency to capture (in kHz), if applicable default value: -1
  • pvr-framerate <integer> : Framerate to capture, if applicable (-1 for autodetect) default value: -1
  • pvr-keyint <integer> : Interval between keyframes (-1 for autodetect) default value: -1
  • pvr-bframes <integer> : If this option is set, B-Frames will be used. Use this option to set the number of B-Frames default value: -1
  • pvr-bitrate <integer> : Bitrate to use (-1 for default) default value: -1
  • pvr-bitrate-peak <integer> : Peak bitrate in VBR mode default value: -1
  • pvr-bitrate-mode <integer> {0,1} : Bitrate mode to use (VBR or CBR) default value: -1
  • pvr-audio-bitmask <integer> : Bitmask that will get used by the audio part of the card default value: -1
  • pvr-audio-volume <integer> : Audio volume (0-65535) default value: -1
  • pvr-channel <integer> : Channel of the card to use (Usually: 0 - tuner, 1 - composite, 2 - svideo) default value: -1

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