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The ogg demux module refers to Ogg as OGG. The Xiph Wiki clarifies that the name is not an acronym and should be written Ogg or ogg.

The earliest mention of Ogg muxing support in the changelog was for the macOS port in 0.5.3.


Module: ogg
Type Access demux
First VLC version 0.5.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description OGG demuxer
Shortcut(s) ogg




Module: ogg
Type Muxer
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Ogg/OGM muxer
Shortcut(s) ogg, ogm


  • sout-ogg-indexintvl <integer [0 .. INT_MAX]> : Minimal index interval, in milliseconds. Set to 0 to disable index creation default value: 1000
  • sout-ogg-indexratio <float [1.0 .. 1000]> : Set index size ratio. Alters default (60min content) or estimated size default value: 1.0

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