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Module: netsync
Type Video output
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Synchronise remote VLC instances
Shortcut(s) -

Use this module to keep several clients synchronised on a single VLC server stream.

  • netsync-master : Act as master default value: disabled
  • netsync-master-ip <string> : Master client ip address default value: ""

Common uses of this module are:

  • Synchronise lots of loud PC speakers during a party
  • Synchronise several computers playing parts of a video wall

Here's a small example:

On the server run (the server's IP address is

% vlc input.mpeg --control netsync --netsync-master --sout "#std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=}" 

And on the clients:

% vlc udp://@ --control netsync --netsync-master-ip 
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