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This is one of the three command line interfaces (besides , remote control (rc) and telnet). To force vlc into using this interface, do the following:

vlc -I ncurses

This is interface is operated through a set of shortcuts which are listed in the next section.


To get the following list of all available shortcuts in the interface press 'h'. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll.

h,H         Show/Hide help box
i           Show/Hide info box
L           Show/Hide messages box
P           Show/Hide playlist box
B           Show/Hide filebrowser

q, Q        Quit
s           Stop
<space>     Pause/Play
f           Toggle Fullscreen
n, p        Next/Previous playlist item
[, ]        Next/Previous title
<, >        Next/Previous chapter
<right>     Seek +1%
<left>      Seek -1%
a           Volume Up
z           Volume Down

r           Random
l           Loop Playlist
R           Repeat item
o           Order Playlist by title
O           Reverse order Playlist by title
/           Look for an item
A           Add an entry
D, <del>    Delete an entry 
<backspace> Delete an entry

<enter>     Add the selected file to the playlist
<space>     Add the selected directory to the playlist
.           Show/Hide hidden files

<up>,<down>     Navigate through the box line by line
<pgup>,<pgdown> Navigate through the box page by page

<up>,<down>     Seek +/-5%

Ctrl-l          Refresh the screen