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Module: mosaic
Type Video sub-filter
First VLC version 0.8.2
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description blend sub-videos on a video
Shortcut(s) -

Use this filter to blend videos on top of another video. This can be used to create TV channels mosaics, setup a weather channel like stream (with the bluescreen video filter) and lots of other fun stuff.

Since VLC 0.8.6, you can also use the HTTP interface's mosaic wizard to configure a mosaic easily.

  • mosaic-alpha <integer> : Global alpha blending level. 0 means fully transparent, 255 means fully opaque (0 to 255) default value: 255
  • mosaic-height <integer> : The mosaic's height default value: 100
  • mosaic-width <integer> : The mosaic's width default value: 100
  • mosaic-align <integer> : Alignment of the mosaic in the parent video default value: 5
  • mosaic-xoffset <integer> : Upper left corner's x coordinate default value: 0
  • mosaic-yoffset <integer> : Upper left corner's y coordinate default value: 0
  • mosaic-borderw <integer> : Border width (in pixels) between mosaic elements default value: 0
  • mosaic-borderh <integer> : Border height (in pixels) between mosaic elements default value: 0
  • mosaic-position <integer> : Positioning method of the mosaic elements. Use 0 to position the elements automatically on the grid, 1 to position the elements in fixed positions on the grid (see mosaic-order) and 2 to use grid independant offsets (see mosaic-offsets). default value: 0
  • mosaic-rows <integer> : Number of rows in the mosaic grid default value: 2
  • mosaic-cols <integer> : Number of columns in the mosaic grid default value: 2
  • mosaic-keep-aspect-ratio : Keep the element's aspect ratio when resizing. default value: disabled
  • mosaic-keep-picture : Do not resize or do any other transformation on the mosaic pictures. Should be enabled when using the mosaic-bridge's resizing options. default value: disabled
  • mosaic-order <string> : Comma seperated list of picture IDs. For example: tf1,fr2,fr3,m6. default value: ""
  • mosaic-offsets <string> : Comma seperated list of x,y coordinates. For example: 0,0,10,100 if you want to position the first picture at coordinates (0,0) and the second one at coordinates (10,100). default value: ""
  • mosaic-delay <integer> : Delay in ms to apply to the mosaic elements. default value: 0

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