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Module: live555
Type Access
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description RTP/RTSP/SDP demuxer (using Live555)
Shortcut(s) -

This module has shortcuts of live and livedotcom. The submodule has shortcuts of rtsp, pnm, live and livedotcom.

The --rtsp-caching option was removed prior to VLC 2.0.0 with this commitdiff: Unify (ACCESS|DEMUX)_GET_PTS_DELAY



  • rtsp-tcp <boolean> : Use RTP over RTSP (TCP) default value: disabled
  • rtp-client-port <integer> : Port to use for the RTP source of the session default value: -1
  • rtsp-mcast <boolean> : Force multicast RTP via RTSP default value: disabled
  • rtsp-http <boolean> : Tunnel RTSP and RTP over HTTP default value: disabled
  • rtsp-http-port <integer> : Port to use for tunneling the RTSP/RTP over HTTP default value: 80
  • rtsp-kasenna <boolean> : Kasenna servers use an old and nonstandard dialect of RTSP. With this parameter VLC will try this dialect, but then it cannot connect to normal RTSP servers default value: disabled
  • rtsp-wmserver <boolean> : WMServer uses a nonstandard dialect of RTSP. Selecting this parameter will tell VLC to assume some options contrary to RFC 2326 guidelines default value: disabled
  • rtsp-user <string> : Sets the username for the connection, if no username or password are set in the url default value: NULL
  • rtsp-pwd <password> : Sets the password for the connection, if no username or password are set in the url default value: NULL
  • rtsp-frame-buffer-size <integer> : RTSP start frame buffer size of the video track, can be increased in case of broken pictures due to too small buffer default value: 250000

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