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Module: fdkaac
Type Muxer
First VLC version 2.1.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description FDK-AAC Audio encoder
Shortcut(s) fdkaac

This module is dual-licenced under LGPL 2.1 and BSD 2-clause. modules/codec/avcodec.c (FAAC) used to handle encoding AAC, but it is not used anymore.


  • sout-fdkaac-profile <integer> {2,5,29,23,39} : Encoder Algorithm to use (2: AAC-LC, 5: HE-AAC, 29: HE-AAC-v2, 23: AAC-LD, 39: AAC-ELD) default value: PROFILE_AAC_LC
  • sout-fdkaac-sbr <boolean> : Enable spectral band replication—This is an optional feature only for the AAC-ELD profile default value: disabled
  • sout-fdkaac-vbr <integer [0 .. 5]> : Quality of the VBR Encoding (0=cbr, 1-5 constant vbr quality, 5 is the best) default value: 0
  • sout-fdkaac-afterburner <boolean> : This library will produce higher quality audio at the expense of additional CPU usage (default is enabled) default value: enabled
  • sout-fdkaac-signaling <integer [0 .. 2]> : 1 is explicit for SBR (SIGNALING_COMPATIBLE) and implicit for PS (default), 2 is explicit hierarchical default value: SIGNALING_COMPATIBLE

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