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Access Demux

Module: fake
Type Access demux
First VLC version -
Last VLC version 0.9.0
Operating system(s) all
Description simulate a fake input
Shortcut(s) -
  • fake-caching <integer> : Caching in milliseconds default value: DEFAULT_PTS_DELAY/1000
  • fake-fps <float> : Framerate e.g. 24, 25, 29.97, 30 default value: 25.0
  • fake-id <integer> : Set the ID of the fake elementary stream for use in #duplicate{} constructs default value: 0
  • fake-duration <integer> : Duration of the fake streaming (in milliseconds) before faking an end-of-file (default is 0, meaning that the stream is unlimited) default value: 0


Module: fake
Type Codec
First VLC version -
Last VLC version 0.9.0
Operating system(s) all
Description handle a fake input stream
Shortcut(s) -
  • fake-file <string> : Image to use as video for the fake stream default value: ""
  • fake-file-reload <integer> : Number of seconds between each reload of the image default value: 0
  • fake-width <integer> : Width default value: 0
  • fake-height <integer> : Height default value: 0
  • fake-keep-ar <boolean> : Keep aspect ratio when resizing default value: disabled
  • fake-aspect-ratio <string> : Aspect ratio of the image file (4:3, 16:9). Default is square pixels default value: ""
  • fake-deinterlace <boolean> : Deinterlace the image after loading it default value: disabled
  • fake-deinterlace-module <string> : Deinterlace module default value: "deinterlace"
  • fake-chroma <string> : Image chroma default value: "I420"


$ vlc fake:// --fake-file someimage.png

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