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Were you looking for the current module, schroedinger?

The dirac demuxer will be removed. It has already been removed in 4.0.0-dev.


Module: dirac
Type Access demux
First VLC version 1.0.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Dirac video demuxer
Shortcut(s) dirac


  • dirac-dts-offset <integer> : Value to adjust dts by default value: 0


Module: dirac
Type Muxer
First VLC version 0.8.2
Last VLC version 2.1.6
Operating system(s) all
Description Dirac video encoder using dirac-research library
Shortcut(s) (none)

A few notes (of no real importance as this is a removed module):

  • the option --sout-dirac-cpd is, unusually, a float with an integer range
  • the option --sout-dirac-me-combined is dependent on Dirac research version of at least 1.0.1
  • the options --sout-dirac-multi-quant and --sout-dirac-spartition are disabled when set to -1. They have a code comment:
    /* NB, unforunately vlc doesn't have a concept of 'don't care' */
  • the options --sout-dirac-mc-blk-xblen and --sout-dirac-mc-blk-yblen were originally aliases for --sout-dirac-mc-blk-width and --sout-dirac-mc-blk-height prior to 1.0.0


  • sout-dirac-quality <float [0. .. 10.]> : If bitrate=0, use this value for constant quality default value: 5.5
  • sout-dirac-bitrate <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : A value > 0 (in kbps) enables constant bitrate mode default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-lossless <boolean> : Lossless coding ignores bitrate and quality settings, allowing for perfect reproduction of the original default value: disabled
  • sout-dirac-prefilter <string> {none,cwm,rectlp,diaglp} : Enable adaptive prefiltering: The options correspond to "none", "Centre Weighted Median", "Rectangular Linear Phase", "Diagonal Linear Phase" default value: diaglp
  • sout-dirac-prefilter-strength <integer [0 .. 10]> : Higher value implies more prefiltering default value: 1
  • sout-dirac-chroma-fmt <string> {420,422,444} : Picking chroma format will force a conversion of the video into that format: "4:2:0", "4:2:2" or "4:4:4" default value: 420
  • sout-dirac-l1-sep <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Distance between P-frames default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-num-l1 <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Number of P-frames per GOP default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-coding-mode <string> {auto,progressive,field} : Field coding is where interlaced fields are coded seperately as opposed to a pseudo-progressive frame (auto - let encoder decide based upon input (Best), progressive - force coding frame as single picture, field - force coding frame as seperate interlaced fields) default value: auto
  • sout-dirac-mv-prec <string> {1,1/2,1/4,1/8} : Motion vector precision in pels default value: 1/2
  • sout-dirac-mc-blk-width <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Width of motion compensation blocks default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-mc-blk-height <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Height of motion compensation blocks default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-mc-blk-overlap <integer [-1 .. 100]> : Amount (%) that each motion block should be overlapped by its neighbours default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-me-simple-search <string> : (Not recommended) Perform a simple (non hierarchical block matching motion vector search with search range of +/-x, +/-y) default value: ""
  • sout-dirac-me-combined <boolean> : Use chroma as part of the motion estimation process default value: enabled
  • sout-dirac-dwt-intra <integer [-1 .. 6]> : Intra picture DWT filter default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-dwt-inter <integer [-1 .. 6]> : Inter picture DWT filter default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-dwt-depth <integer [-1 .. 4]> : Number of DWT iterations (Also known as DWT levels) default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-noac <boolean> : Disable arithmetic coding—Use variable length codes instead, useful for very high bitrates default value: disabled

Advanced options

  • sout-dirac-mc-blk-xblen <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Total horizontal block length including overlaps default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-mc-blk-yblen <integer [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : Total vertical block length including overlaps default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-multi-quant <integer [-1 .. 1]> : Enable multiple quantizers per subband (one per codeblock) default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-spartition <integer [-1 .. 1]> : Enable spatial partitioning default value: -1
  • sout-dirac-cpd <float [-1 .. INT_MAX]> : cycles per degree default value: -1

Source code

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