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Mosaic framework (How-To)
Modules: mosaic (mosaic-bridgebridge-inbridge-out) • alphamaskbluescreen
Module: bridge-in
Type Stream output
First VLC version 0.8.2
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Get elementary streams from the bridge framework
Shortcut(s) bridge-in

This module gets all the elementary streams sent to the bridge framework. It is used when streaming a mosaic to attach the audio streams to the mosaic output.


  • sout-bridge-in-delay <integer> : Pictures coming from the picture video outputs will be delayed according to this value (in milliseconds, should be ≥ 100 ms). For high values, you will need to raise caching values. default value: 0
  • sout-bridge-in-id-offset <integer> : Offset to add to the stream IDs specified in bridge-out to obtain the stream IDs bridge-in will register. default value: 8192
  • sout-bridge-in-name <string> : Name of this bridge-in instance. If you do not need more than one bridge-in at a time, you can discard this option. default value: "default"
  • sout-bridge-in-placeholder <boolean> : If set to true, the bridge will discard all input elementary streams except if it doesn't receive data from another bridge-in. This can be used to configure a placeholder stream when the real source breaks. Source and placeholder streams should have the same format. default value: disabled
  • sout-bridge-in-placeholder-delay <integer> : Delay (in ms) before the placeholder kicks in. default value: 200
  • sout-bridge-in-placeholder-switch-on-iframe <boolean> : If enabled, switching between the placeholder and the normal stream will only occur on I-frames. This will remove artifacts on stream switching at the expense of a slightly longer delay, depending on the frequency of I-frames in the streams. default value: enabled

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