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Module: alphamask
Type Video filter
First VLC version 0.9.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description change the video's alpha channel
Shortcut(s) -

This filter can be used in the mosaic framework to set a video's alpha channel (or transparency) based on a PNG image's alpha channel. You can thus blend only parts of the mosaic substream on the background.


  • alphamask-mask <string> : PNG file to use as a mask. The alpha channel only will be used to build the mask. This image needs to have the same size as the video it will be used with.


% vlc -I telnet --color -vvv --vlm-conf mosaic.vlm --mosaic-keep-picture \
  --fake-file ~/images/mire.jpg --fake-width 360 --fake-height 270 \
  --no-audio --sub-filter mosaic

And the vlm config:

new channel0 broadcast enabled
setup channel0 input redefined-nintendo.mpg
setup channel0 output #duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{height=270,width=360,chroma=YUVA,vfilter=alphamask{mask=cone_360x270.png}},select=video}
new background broadcast enabled
setup background input fake:
control background play
control channel0 play

The files used are available on http://people.videolan.org/~dionoea/mosaic/ if you want to test. (This will blend the redefined nintendo video in a cone like region)

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