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The reference documentation on VideoLAN's projects.
Articles under the GNU General Public License only.


Pages in the "Documentation" namespace are part of the official VLC media player documentation.

All pages in this namespace are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Note: Parts of this documentation are currently outdated or incomplete. If you have good knowledge of a particular subject and feel that it could be documented better, please update the appropriate wiki page.

VLC Usage Documentation

User documentation for everyone.

  • VLC Interface 1.2 on Windows 7
  • Basic_Use/Interface_Windows                                                                                                                                                             LargeVLC.png
  • Basic_Use/Interface_OSX                                                                                                                                                                DOWNLOAD
  • Introduction to VideoLAN and VLC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

       Overview and history of the VideoLAN project.

       Installation instructions for a variety of computers.

  • VLC Usage  Interface1.png
    • How to play audio/video materials with the VLC media player. (For versions 0.9 and newer)
    • Interface Default Interface Mac.PNG
      • Short introduction to the interface of the VLC Media Player
    • Audio Basic audio stereomono.png
      • Playing audio (e.g. visualization, selection of devices)
    • Video Basic video fullscreen interface.png
      • Playing video (e.g. cropping, screen-/snapshots)
    • Playback Playbackcontrols.png
      • Navigation through media files (e.g. chapters, bookmarks)
    • Playlist Basic playlist default.png
      • Creating and managing playlists
    • Subtitles VLCSubs.png
      • Selection of subtitles
    • Video and Audio Filters Video effects - basic, with image adjust and sharpen selected.png
      • Usage of VLC's filters (equalizer, video filters)
    • Snapshots Basic snapshots config.png
      • How to create snap-/screenshots
    • Hotkeys Configure Hotkeys.PNG
      • Configuration of VLC's hotkeys
    • Troubleshooting Intf-wx-messages.jpg
      • Solutions for some common problems
  • Advanced Use 100x100px
    • Advanced instruction on streams, filters, plug-ins and more.
  • Using VLC inside a webpage Web.JPG
    • How to build webpages that use the VLC Web plugin.
  • Uninstallation Uninstall.PNG
    • Uninstallation instructions.

VLC Streaming Documentation

This document explains how to stream, transcode and save streams using the VideoLAN solution. 

NOTE: See Streaming HowTo New for more updated information regarding streaming (WIP). StreamSelect.png

The Hacker's Guide to VLC

This document will detail the inner workings of VLC and its source code.

The VLC Modules Index

This document references most of the VLC modules and their options as well as some example uses.

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