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Exec=/usr/bin/vlc -I dummy --control dbus
Exec=/usr/bin/vlc -I dummy --control dbus
=== Clarify one instance mode ===
Now if vlc is built with D-Bus >= 1.0.0 it will automatically register org.videolan.vlc, and no other instances of vlc will be allowed to replace the service.
When vlc starts it registers the org.videolan.vlc service on the session bus
* if it succeeds, it register '/' object on it
* if it fails:
** if "one-instance" is false, just warn that it didn't register the service
** if "one-instance" is true, the mrls given on the command line are passed to the owner of org.videolan.vlc through D-Bus interface and then exit
When D-Bus control interface starts, it does:
# unregister '/'
# register '/org/videolan/vlc'
The problem is that it does require dbus control to be loaded.
Possible ways to do that:
* check if /org/videolan/vlc is present before exit, and then ignore one-instance setting if dbus control isn't activated
* use service activation, but that mean we would have 1 GUI without dbus control, and 1 with dbus control
=== Missing features ===
=== Missing features ===

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TODO for DBus integration

List all signals, methods with their arguments and return value

Decide service bahaviour

Could vlc be a on-demand startable service, would it be useful ?

We just have to create a /usr/share/dbus-1/org.videolan.vlc.service:

[D-BUS Service]


Exec=/usr/bin/vlc -I dummy --control dbus ---

Missing features

playlist => hard.... could we use xspf ?

preferences ? that seems pretty useless

List of signals and methods already implemented


'Signal' (signature) : description

'ItemChange' (s) : Emitted when a new input element is played, the string contains the filename, or the input name if it has some metadata


'Method' (input signature) = (output signature) : description

'GetPlayStatus' () = (s) : return "play" "pause" "stopped" or "unknown"

'GetPlayingItem' () = (s) : return the filename of the current item being played, or it's name if it has some metadata. Same data provided by "ItemChange"

'ToglePause' () = (b) : toggle the play/pause status, and start playing if it was stopped, return true if playing, false if paused

'AddMRL' (sb) = () : add string to the playlist, and play it if bool is true

'Nothing' () = () : do nothing, just here for tests, and code example

'Quit' () = () : exits vlc

'Stop' () = () : stop playlist

'Prev' () = () : plays previous playlist item

'Next' () = () : plays next playlist item

'PositionGet' () = (q) : get an uint16 in the range [0;1000] representing the position of current input, or 0 if no input

'PositionSet' (q) = () : gives an uint16 in the range [0;1000] to set the position of current input

'VolumeGet' () = (q) : get an uint16 in the range [0;100] representing the current volume

'VolumeSet' (q) = () : gives an uint16 in the range [0;100] to set the current volume