Control VLC via a browser

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This page describes how to use the HTTP interface to control VLC from a web browser. Other "how to" pages
vlc -I http

You can use --extraintf if you want to specify more than one interface (see interface for details)

  • If you want to bind VLC to a specific host and port use --http-host host:port
  • Open your favourite web browser on the client
  • Type the IP address (or URL) of the host in the location field (address bar). You may need to specify the port (VLC defalts to using port 8080)
    An example is - refers to the local machine.
  • Add the files to be streamed to the playlist like /home/file.mpg
  • Add streaming destination in the sout field udp://<client>:1234
  • Open VLC on the client, with VLC udp://@:1234