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It is now possible to Control VLC via a browser.

To use this interface as the primary interface, launch vlc with the parameter -I http or set http to be the primary interface via the preferences. To launch it as a secondary interface you should launch vlc with the parameter --extraintf=http or set http as an extra-interface in the preferences.

Now when you start VLC, a web interface will be created on port 8080. The options --http-addr and --http-port can be used to specify an IP and the port on which you want to run the interface.

It is now also possible to customize the Web interface. See the html pages in share/html (within the VLC directory for Windows, within the package on Mac OS X and somewhere in /usr/local for Linux). This can be a very cool interface if you spent some time developing nice UI elements. If you would like to contribute a new 'Default' html interface, you are also very welcome (keep it small).

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