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Here is some samples janitorial task you can pick up:

General appearance

Keeping the source uniformly less than 78 characters wide so it and patches both fit nicely on a 80 column screen is good general practice but it doesn't always happen. Thus an opportunity to reformat clearly overlong lines.

Function header

The function header commentary isn't uniformed across files. We suggest you to try to tidy this.

/**************************************************************************  |
 * Get the Media descriptor associated with the instance                  *  | <- function header commentary
 **************************************************************************/ |
libvlc_media_descriptor_t *
                           libvlc_media_instance_t *p_mi,
                           libvlc_exception_t *p_e )

Janitorial commits

Please, please do not mix cosmetic (reformatting and so on) changes with changes that alter code behaviour in the same commit. Put them in a separate commit marked with Cosmetic: (description here). Make sure the changes compile before you commit anyway.


You can document some parts of VLC's code that aren't correctly documented using Doxygen. Ask on IRC for help.

Warning fixes

Some warnings are easy to fix, don't hesitate to provide a fix.