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Changes between 0.9.9a and 0.9.10

HTTP Interface

  • Fixed default ACL

Mac OS X

  • Fixed crashes on multi-screen setups
  • Corrected volume and subtitle encoding options in the Preferences
  • Improved Information panel behavior, when playlist is not displayed
  • Fixed QTCapture input support for the latest iSight models
  • Added a menu-item to unlock the video window's aspect ratio
  • Fixed redraw issues when autosizing the video window
  • Updated libpng, libgpg-error, libgcrypt, fribidi

Various fixes to the following modules

  • access:
    • HTTP, SMB
    • updated and additional access scripts (BBC radio, dailymotion, ...)
    • Prevent integer underflow in Real pseudo-RTSP module, discovered by tixxDZ, DZCORE Labs, Algeria
  • stream out:
    • RTP, RTSP VoD, Mosaic Bridge
  • decoder:
    • TSCC