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Changes between 0.8.6f and 0.8.6g

Security updates

* Removed VLC variable settings from Mozilla and ActiveX (CVE-2007-6683)
* Removed loading plugins from the current directory (CVE-2008-2147)
* Updated libpng on Windows and Mac OS X (CVE-2008-1382)
* Fixed libid3tag denial of service (CVE-2008-2109)
* Fixed libvorbis vulnerabilities (CVE-2008-1419, CVE-2008-1420, CVE-2008-1423)

Various bugfixes

* Fixed various memory leaks, improving stability when running as a server
* Fixed compilation with recent versions of FFmpeg
* Correctly parses SAP announcements from MPEG-TS
* Fixed AAC resampling
* The Fullscreen Controller appears correctly on Mac OS X, 
  if the 'Always-on-top' video option was selected.