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This page refers to all the Work using the .Net platform interaction with VLC.

You can find HowTos and other informations.


  • You can incorporate the VideoLAN ActiveX control like any other ActiveX Control (generating an Interop Assembly using `aximp.exe`, etc). In practice this is Windows-only.
  • You can use a .NET wrapper for libVLC (see below). Compatible with more platforms.
  • You can write your own wrapper. Writing a wrapper to LibVlc from .NET should not be that hard. Or adjust an existing wrapper to your liking.

Related projects dealing with a .Net wrapper for libvlc:

Vlc.DotNet is the most advanced as of January 2016.

License considerations

  • Using ActiveX API allows any license for your caller code.
  • Since LibVLC is LGPL, using it directly allows proprietary code (but watch out respecting LGPL, which includes letting end user replace the LGPL library with their own variant).
  • Some wrappers have a permissive licence (e.g. MIT) which also allows proprietary code.