Buying Media to Play with VLC

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Buying music online which can play with VLC media player is tricky. Most online stores and record companies use DRM, which disables the ability to play files in all media players other than a few proprietary players which support the DRM they use.

However, there are solutions, which are suggested below:

Buy music from sources that don't use DRM

These stores usually encode their music in the VLC-compatible MP3 format

Buy from Open Record Labels

There are several record companies who do not use DRM on their music. This means that it can be played in any media player, including VLC. Some of these are listed below, (see also wikipedia):

Creative Commons

Some people release media files under creative commons licenses, which are normally free and allow you to copy the files to your friends. These files are also DRM-free. Some creative commons sites are listed below:

Play from a CD

VLC can play from CDs. To make sure your CD can be played anywhere, make sure it carries the CDDA logo.

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