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Building VLMC from source

This wiki page has information on building VideoLAN Movie Creator, VLMC from source. VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator) is a free video editing software, offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies, but with the aim to stays simple and user-friendly.


VLMC requires a c++ compiler (g++), cmake, Qt(4.6+), libVLC and frei0r plugins.

To install Qt, refer:

To install libVLC, you are required to compile VLC

To get the current source of VLC player, refer:

For information on using Git, refer:

For Information on generic compilation of VLC, refer:

In case you are interested in mailing list, goto:

We have two VLMC mailing lists:

 * vlmc-announce: Official announcements (release, events, ...)
 * vlmc-devel: Developers discussions

Getting the code

You can fetch the current VLMC working tree using Git:

 git clone

Do the same for VLC (as described in

 git clone git://

Building VLMC on Linux

Following is the cleanest way of compiling VLMC (commands for *nix OS)

1. Compile and install libVLC, libVLC is required by VLMC (You can also install VLC using your linux distribution), for example:

 cd path_to_vlc_src
 ./configure --your-options-here (see --help)
 sudo make install

2. For Compiling VLMC:

 cd path_to_vlmc_src
 mkdir build && cd build
 cmake ..

3. Run VLMC:


Building VLMC in developer mode

By default, VLMC enables a crash handler, which is responsible for saving a backup of the project in the event of a crash.

While this might be handy for the users, it makes life harder on developers, since a debugger would attach to the daemon process instead of VLMC.

In order to disable this, you'll need a tool such as ccmake, or cmake-gui, to disable the WITH_CRASHHANDLER option.

Alternatively, you can invoke cmake with -DWITH_CRASHHANDLER=OFF flag

Cross Compiling VLMC for Windows on Linux

VLMC can be cross-compiled for Windows, on Linux using mingw:

  cd contribs
  cd ..
  mkdir win32 && cd win32
  cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake/toolchain-win32.cmake ..

Compiling on Mac OS


  • Build tools: Xcode command-line tools
  • homebrew

Get the sources:

 git clone

Get the actual dependencies:

  • brew tap tomahawk-player/tomahawkqt5
  • brew install make
  • brew install vlc
  • brew install qt5
  • brew install frei0r

Compile vlmc:

Now cd to root source directory and build:

 mkdir build && cd build
 cmake ..

This will by default create a Mac Bundle, in /build/bin

To create a dmg image:

Uncomment #dmg in /src/CMakeLists.txt, at the end of the file.
and follow the build process, the dmg will be created in /build/bin

To create a dmg image, uncomment #dmg in /src/CMakeLists.txt, at the end of the file. This creates the app/dmg in <build-directory>/bin

Packaging VLMC

  • On Linux, you can create deb/rpm package by using:
   make package
  • You can create NSIS installer for Windows using cross-compiling on Linux:
  make installer

Start hacking ;-)