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Building VLMC from source

This wiki page has information on building VideoLAN Movie Creator, VLMC from source. VLMC (VideoLAN Movie Creator) is a free video editing software, offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies, but with the aim to stays simple and user-friendly.


VLMC requires Qt(4.5+), C++ compiler and libVLC.

To install Qt, refer:

To install libVLC, you are required to compile VLC

To get the current source of VLC player, refer:

For information on using Git, refer:

For Information on generic compilation of VLC, refer:

In case you are interested in mailing list, goto:

We have two VLMC mailing lists:

 * vlmc-announce: Official announcements (release, events, ...)
 * vlmc-devel: Developers discussions

Getting the source

You can fetch the current working tree using Git:

 git clone git://

Compiling VLMC

Following is the cleanest way of compiling VLMC (commands for *nix OS)

1. Download source code of VLC and VLMC as described in

 git clone git://
 git clone git://

2. Compile and install libVLC, libVLC is required by VLMC, for example:

 cd path_to_vlc_src
 sudo make install

3. Compile VLMC:

 cd path_to_vlmc_src
 cmake .

Now, to run VLMC:


Now, start hacking ;-)

Linking VLMC to libVLC

Have you built VLC in some directory like: ~/vlc/build

i.e you have compiled VLC using ./configure --prefix=SOME_PATH, For example:

 ./configure --prefix=/home/user/vlc/build

1. Then, you need to link libVLC and add the include path to VLMC.

To do that, first open file and add/edit LIB PATH as:

 LIBS = -L/path_to_vlc_build/lib \ 

For example:

 LIBS = -L/home/user/vlc/build/lib

2. Then, you need to edit INCLUDEPATH in


For example:

  INCLUDEPATH += src/LibVLCpp \
   src/gui \
   src/tools \
   src \

3. Now you need to add the path of libVLC to so that linker knows the path of libVLC

 sudo vim /etc/

Now, add path to libVLC in it:


Now, update linker cache:

 sudo ldconfig

If every thing's goes fine compile VLMC as describe in the "Compile" section of this page. This method is not advised as it may cause unnecessary problems.

The page was last updated on June 22, 2009